Berlin didn’t go well
19 Sep
Written by admin

Berlin didn’t go well »


Check me out… I’m writing a blog about running. That’s rare. But given the quality of some of the blogs out there, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring to see if I could get myself nominated for … Continue reading

Exercise and mental health… »


Yesterday, some research was published that is the first large-scale (1.2 million people involved) study into the relationship between exercise and mental health. Now, because I’m a Personal Trainer, because my dad killed himself and because I spend a … Continue reading

Mind Shakedown Run »


Hi guys. I thought I’d put together a route description for you. First off, here’s the route:

Relive ‘Mind Shakedown Run’

We’ll meet at the Isis statue (that’s it’s real name!). Here’s what it looks like, and … Continue reading

I should really train for New York
1 Oct
Written by admin

I should really train for New York »


I suppose I’d better start training for the New York Marathon. I mean, it is only five weeks away. And I’ve done nothing, running wise (If I’m being absolutely honest, I did a 10k a couple of weeks ago and … Continue reading

Exercise for the Elderly
18 May
Written by admin

Exercise for the Elderly »


We all know that exercise is something that we should be doing throughout our lives due to the many health benefits associated with exercise. As we age we tend to drop away from sports – athletes and sports … Continue reading

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