The Spartan Race

In September, we’re going to be taking on The Spartan Race. It’s our first go at obstacle racing and we’re really looking forward to it!

The Spartan brand is now well established and they have a whole range of races across the UK this year. We’re going wimpy this time around – likely to do the sprint (which is about 5km and 15 obstacles). This is mainly due to not having a clue what to expect (aside from the scary-ass photos on the website!) and also having a puny upper body. Wish us luck!

Spartan flag

We’re taking part down south. For people around the country, they also have (NB – links are to sprint events. They also have a range of other distances):
Allianz Park, London
South Wales

For an idea of what you’re getting yourself in for, check out the videos below. Wish us luck!

They’re on Facebook and Twitter if you want to follow them or have any questions.

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Personal trainer, marathon runner and most interested in motivation and goal setting. I run for peace of mind, but also to create a bit of turmoil to get through.

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