A bitter pill to swallow. Sub 3 escapes me again
13 Apr
Written by kevin betts

A bitter pill to swallow. Sub 3 escapes me again »


It’s hard to admit that you’re not as strong or able as you thought you were. That you haven’t managed to achieve your ultimate goal, having invested so much time, effort and heart, is really and truly gutting. On Sunday … Continue reading

9 Ways to beat pre-race nerves
4 Nov
Written by admin

9 Ways to beat pre-race nerves »

1. Limit problems Have all your kit packed and ready to go the night before. If your alarm fails, you can grab your bag and go. If not, you’ve got time to relax, so breathe deep and use the time … Continue reading

Remembering the day you chose to die
17 Oct
Written by admin

Remembering the day you chose to die »


Forgive the rambling. This isn’t proofed and it’s certainly not edited.

Anniversaries bring about a whole world of emotion for people. Our immediate thought, of course, is that it shows how long a couple have been married, or simply in … Continue reading

A change of charity #RunningForHarvey
30 Jan
Written by admin

A change of charity #RunningForHarvey »


I’m sure many of you will know that in the years since my dad died, I have been a ‘mental health campaigner’ and that the charity work and fundraising I’ve done has been for Rethink Mental Illness. My aim … Continue reading

A Open Letter to my Dad »

This blog was posted on September 11, 2012 by Kev. It is unedited and details a tough but important letter which was targeted at his dad. If you'd prefer not to read the transcript, you can watch the video here: … Continue reading

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