Firefly Recovery Aid
25 Jan
Written by admin

Firefly Recovery Aid »

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (or DOMS to your average runner/cyclist/triathlete/weightlifter – delete as necessary) can be hell. When we train hard, we expect it – some of us even relish it. ‘Leg day’ is famous for the cowboy walk that … Continue reading

Training – we’re all individuals
12 Nov
Written by admin

Training – we’re all individuals »

Training... We’re all individuals! In my sports injury clinic, the most frequent question asked is “what is the most common injury we treat” we always reply “overuse!” It may not be the most specific answer they were looking for but … Continue reading
Why I love Parkrun
4 Nov
Written by admin

Why I love Parkrun »

Exercise is a key aspect in the physical health of the entire population. We mustn’t confuse exercise and competition or exercise and sport – they are different entities. In our Honest opinion, not everybody need do sport – it’s not … Continue reading

An honest guide to Olympic lifting part 2
15 Oct
Written by admin

An honest guide to Olympic lifting part 2 »

You may have read Olympic Lifts Part I and spent some time revisiting and learning the previous movements and mobility drills to help you become better at the Olympic lifts. Before we break the lifts down into progressions, this article … Continue reading
An honest guide to warming up and down
1 Aug
Written by Mark Beresford

An honest guide to warming up and down »

Not sure what to do before you start to exercise and waiting for the Garmin to load up, or at the end of your session? Feeling a little sore and achy after your exercise sessions? What are you doing to … Continue reading

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