Endurance Season: nutritional tips
9 Feb
Written by admin

Endurance Season: nutritional tips »

It is endurance season! Many of you will have started your training for half marathons, marathons, ironman, half ironman… and we at Honest Fitness would like to share some nutritional tips that may help improve your performance. The word supplement … Continue reading

Ride the SDW 100
4 Sep
Written by admin

Ride the SDW 100 »

After missing my 3 hour target (again!) at the Brighton Marathon this year, I became a little disillusioned with running and took a prolonged break. I didn’t stop, I just gave myself no goals on purpose. If I fancied a … Continue reading
Using the treadmill to your advantage
1 Aug
Written by kevin betts

Using the treadmill to your advantage »


Using the treadmill for run training has its lovers and its haters. For some, running on a treadmill is the only option – they may have medical conditions requiring supervision, may not have access to suitable or safe areas to … Continue reading

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