We have a couple of great opportunities for you, the public, to get your running teeth into. If you want to get involved, follow @honest_fitness and tweet us, or you can contact us. You can also find out about future opportunities that we’ve got on that page, as well as by following 52MarathonMan on Facebook.


Opportunity 1: (Half) The Road To Brighton
Brighton Half 2015

We’re looking for someone who is new to running and has never run more than 5km. We want to train you up to do the Brighton Half Marathon on February 22nd next year. You will get a free place in the Brighton Half and free training and guidance from Honest Fitness. Find out about how to apply and what’s involved here.


Opportunity 2: Review the R4W Windsor 10k

R4W-Windsor-LogoWe’re looking for a lady (obviously) to review the Running 4 Women Windsor 10k  on 27th September this year. We’ll provide you with free entry and a range of media-luvvy benefits in exchange for a review of the event (including some pictures). You need to be a regular(ish) runner who enjoys writing (max 1,000 words) and can comment on everything from organisation to toilets, parking to course qualities. Contact us and tell us why you would like to do it and we’ll let the successful person know by Friday 25th July.


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