Mind Shakedown Run

Hi guys. I thought I’d put together a route description for you. First off, here’s the route:

Relive ‘Mind Shakedown Run’

We’ll meet at the Isis statue (that’s it’s real name!). Here’s what it looks like, and where it is:

Start at the Isis statue and run with the water on the left.

Go past the Lido cafe so it’s on your right. Carry on, under the metal bridge. Stay on the same path for about 0.5km (1/3 miles). You run alongside the Serpentine and will come to the first path on the right. Take this turn:

Run down that path for about 150m, passing Hyde Park playground on your left. Turn right down the tree-lined path that runs parallel to S Carriage Drive.

Stay on that path for about half a km (1/3mile). You will come to Exhibition Road. Cross the road and keep running along S Carriage Drive towards the Albert Memorial.

About 100m after the Albert Memorial, the path takes a very slight right before continuing to Broad Walk, where you’ll find a cafe called Palace Gate on your left. Turn right here and run up Broad Walk.

Travel up Broad Walk for about 1km, passing Kensington Palace on the left.  When you get to the Princess Diana memorial park, you are approaching where you need to turn right (the path BEFORE Bayswater Road):

Stay on this path for about 1km, until you get to the Italian Water Gardens on the right. Take the right immediately after the Water Gardens:

Stay on that path for about 0.5km, where you’ll come to a slight fork in the path. Stick right and go UNDER THE BRIDGE, which keeps you close to the water:

Stay on the path that follows the Serptentine until it ends, passing Bluebird Boats. When you get to the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen, turn right. Follow the Serpentine round, keeping the water on your right:

Stay on that path, passing in front of the lido cafe. High-five any other mind runners you might see coming the other way. Loop around the ISIS statue and start again.


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