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I haven’t blogged in a long time. Like a really long time. A lot has happened since my last blog (a couple of years ago); LIFE has happened since my last blog. And I want to get back into it. I hope you bear with me.

So today is World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s a big day for me. In 2012, it made me write this impassioned letter to my dad, who took his own life in 2003. If you’ve read my blogs before, you’ll know it’s something I’ve gone into a lot of detail on before. I might again in the future, who knows. Anyway, today is WSPD and I try to mark every WSPD with two things that have helped me through some incredibly hard times – my son and running. I followed it up with a BBQ at my place with some friends (many of whom are also work colleagues). They’re probably not aware that they contributed to me seeing through a day like today so well. I bang on about mental health and suicide to people at work but sometimes I can be subtle and I thank them for being around today – seeing my son happy (like really, REALLY happy) and people enjoying themselves makes me realise I do a pretty good job!

Today, the boy and I did the Littlehampton 10k. It is SO HARD to get races to let runners with buggies take part. Aside from parkrun, it’s almost unheard of. I’d love it to happen more – in The States it’s more widely accepted. He’s 4 in November and he’s a big old boy. Pushing him in a buggy into a headwind is a shit of a job, but it’s also the best job. I love it. He asks me questions when we’re out there, which is ok if you’re not trying to tank it. I’m there red-lining my heartrate and JB is asking me why we’re not as fast as the people ahead of us. It’s one way of motivating me, I guess. I’m not scared of admitting that he makes me well up regularly with his shows of love and his thoughtfulness, and it also makes me immensely proud that as father and son, we get to spend that sort of quality time together. We came through in 40.01 according to the results (yes, a little gutting) and in 30th place. We’d have got sub 40 but pushing a tank into a headwind for the final 2k saw that off! I haven’t got any photos of us from today yet, so here’s us 3 years ago – much easier then! 

Anyway, new blog… Must keep it short. Every WSPD, I ask people to send me their love. There is a great not for profit called To Write Love On Her Arm. It supports people who suffer with mental health issues and who might be at risk of suicide. People write love on their body (often their wrist) in a sign of solidarity to show it’s not an option. I love that. It’s a way to get people talking. Just like the Semicolon Project, which is another show of solidarity. The semicolon is used in the English language to denote the continuation of a sentence when there is an option to end it. You can see, I’m sure, how that might be linked to suicide. Anyway, my dad had a shed load of tattoos and they were terrible. I hated tattoos when I was a kid and always swore I would never have one. This project changed my mind. I have one small one. You’ll see it below.

So, I ask each WSPD for people to ‘send me their love’. Below are those who sent them this year. Send them over to me on Twitter or Facebook if you can – I’d love to collect them. I’m thankful for all of them! Because of WSPD, I’d like you to consider asking someone you care about if they’re ok – how they feel and whether you can help them. So many people struggle; talk to the people you love and be there for them – and seek help if you need it!

Running… My blogs will be about running, and about other things. But all underpinned by running. And a toddler. And my general thoughts on life.


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