(Half) The Road to Brighton

If you’re new to running or have never pushed yourself over 5km, you might want to take advantage of our great offer. We’ve teamed up with the lovely guys at the Brighton Half Marathon to offer one lucky person  a free place (including some great media privileges in the Brighton Half and free training and guidance (worth £300) from Honest Fitness for up to three months beforehand.

We have just one opportunity available, so only people who really want to take part need apply. The winning applicant will show enthusiasm for their own development and hopefully have a great story to tell us about why they want to take part. Honest Fitness will provide coaching and training plans as well as support and guidance in the run up to the event. You don’t have to live in Brighton – we can e-mentor you and can provide training plans online. If you are nearby, we’ll happily meet up to go over sessions. Either way, rest assured that you’ll have our ample support and encouragement.  Don’t worry, though – you don’t need to start training until November!

In return, we want you to write a weekly training blog (you don’t have to be an experienced blogger) that gives the readers an insight into what your weeks look like and how you are progressing. We’d then obviously like you to write about the half marathon, too. Please also be aware that we cannot provide travel and accommodation for the event if you’re successful and are traveling from afar.

To nominate yourself or a friend, follow us on Twitterand contact us with no more than 200 words on ‘Why I want to take (Half) The Road To Brighton. Please share this with anyone you might think would be interested by clicking one of the social media tabs below.

We’ll let the successful person know by 1st August.



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