Firefly muscle recovery

We’ve been sent a couple of the Firefly recovery devices to test over the next few weeks. In short, the Firefly is a neuromuscular electro-stimulation device that is described by its makers as a ‘convenient and time efficient electronic device designed for athletes to accelerate sports recovery after exercise and minor injury for improved performance’.

There’s plenty of science behind how and why the Firefly might work and being a biology graduate, I can see the potential benefits for any sports person. It’s used by a number of professional sports teams and people, too. I know this can’t be taken as a guarantee of it being effective, but those teams will have medics and physios who know their stuff – so there will be some understanding of the benefits there. In basic terms, it delivers electrical impulses that gently active the muscles to increase blood circulation. Time will tell for us, though, and we’re going to test it as much as possible. We’ll report back on that later.Firefly
I was going to be testing the Firefly as my training load was going to increase substantially as I progressed towards a fast (for me) half marathon in November. Trouble is, I damaged my medial ligament playing rugby on Saturday and have quite substantial swelling and definitely can’t run for a while. This is terrible for me, but very good timing for our testing of the Firefly as one of their claims is recovery from injury and to reduce swelling. The other device will be used by somebody who undergoes purposefully heavy training sessions to try to cause DOMS – post exercise muscular soreness – to let the Firefly do its job.

I can’t yet comment on how well it works, but I can mention the fact that it’s a lovely looking device and definitely looks the part. It sits comfortably around the knee and once you get your head around the instructions, it’s easy to fit.

There are no wires or leads and it’s easy to control. The written instructions could be improved, but the online video (see below) is very clear and concise.

 We’ll report back soon with our thoughts. But for now, head over to their website to find out more. They come in at £29 for a pair (they’re not meant to be reusable), and there are options to buy in bulk, too.


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