Who can get involved? »


PTs need to be qualified to level three with a recognised awarding body. There is potential for level two gym instructors with teaching qualifications could also take part. We are also looking for facilities providers – gyms, studios and established … Continue reading

What do I have to do to get involved? »


We need to get a group of PTs and venues together who are willing to get the ball rolling. All snowballs start as snowflakes and we need people who are willing to be guinea pigs. We need to offer the … Continue reading

What rewards are on offer? »


We’re currently in talks with a number of companies and organisations to provide suitable rewards. We’re hoping to offer exclusive discounts with a variety of retailers, as well as #PTPayback sports clothing and equipment from famous brands. On top of … Continue reading

How many hours do PTs have to donate? »


This depends on the PTs availability. We aim to support PTs, not put barriers in their way. We will ask for a commitment, but we will also be flexible. PTs will be able to save up their hours and keep … Continue reading

How do you find the clients for PTs? »


We’re building relationships with a variety of providers. These include medical teams, local healthcare providers, education providers, youth centres and councils. Anyone who works with vulnerable people and is a partner of ours may wish to refer people to Honest … Continue reading

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