Evening of Epic Adventures

Honest Fitness had the great pleasure of being invited to An Evening of Epic Adventures, which was organised by the guys at Freestak to promote LED Lenser torches. And it was exactly that – an evening of Epic Adventures.

We had the chance to hear three extraordinary stories from four extraordinary people. In a room full of thrill seekers, fitness fanatics and adventurers, there was a very obvious feeling of inadequacy that swept over us as we listened  intently to the tales of darkness and light that they were asked to talk about.

First up were Sophie and Charlie Radcliffe. They undertook the Alpine Coast to Coast – climbing the seven highest peaks in the Alpine region. They took in eight countries and cycled over a thousand miles – including 31 miles of vertical climbing and A LOT of night riding. What got me about those two was the descriptions of the sunrise and sunset. Setting out in pitch black with only each other and a torch for company, and finishing in similar circumstances. It sounds worth it, though, to chase the sun as it goes down.
Charlie and Sophie

Next up was James Adams. An ultra runner who made me feel very small. Not that he meant to – he was a cracking, level headed and modest guy – but because he’s done some ridiculous things. He spoke about running across America and the challenges he faced running in the heat of the day. He’s not built like a runner (I hope he doesn’t mind me saying that!), but talk to him and he IS a runner – he’s somebody who runs because running helps to define him. He didn’t intimidate or make things sound impossible. Of all the speakers, he’s the one I related to the most and the one who made me feel like I need a new adventure!

photo 2

Finally, Leo Houlding absolutely captivated us by telling us about climbing a ridiculously high mountain at a ridiculously acute angle. Starved of food and water, he over ran and saw two full days. He admitted to underestimating the mountain and packing the wrong gear to climb with. I loved his humility and honesty – he made climbing sound accessible, albeit at a much simpler level to start. He’s someone I would follow and the way he described the solitude of night and his joy of sunrise. I can’t wait to hear what he does next.
photo 3

All four speakers were brought in by Freestak to support LED Lenser, who had sponsored the evening. They all used LED Lenser products to help their adventures and it’s easy to see why. Now I have to hold my hands up here – I didn’t need to be convinced about them. I’ve had a couple of LED Lenser head torches for a few years now, after borrowing a mate’s to do a 24 hour adventure race in 2012. I already knew that everything about them was good – comfort to brightness, battery life to design. They’re also not overly expensive. They’re not cheap – they cant be because of the quality – but they’re also not unaffordable. They also do a much larger range of products than I thought, with head torches and hand torches obviously dominating. We’ll put in a proper review of one of the head torches soon.

The guys at LED Lenser have also put together a brilliant competition with Berghaus and Austrai’s Finest Experience Hotels. There’s the chance to win an EPIC seven night holiday in Austria for a couple of people that is filled with adventure. For more information on how to enter, go to http://bit.ly/LEDepic. There’s nothing to lose. And if you don’t win it, set yourself off and have an adventure somewhere anyway! It’s definitely got us thinking, and in October we’ll be having a mini adventure that you can take place in. Watch this space!


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