Daisy’s half marathon training – Santa, computers and disruption

It’s the end of week four and it’s been the hardest week so far.  Not necessarily the training but the combination of training with exams, lost work, broken computers, Christmas parties, losing access to the gym I know and love, the beginnings of crap food and no sleep!  I just want to train!! I don’t want Christmas to get in the way. How awful is that?!  Come back routine…all is forgiven.

My computer decided to break with all my final assignment prep on it a couple of weeks ago and I hadn’t done a recent back up so I lost everything – or so I thought I had.  I had an assessed presentation two days later.  The Apple store’s soonest appointment was seven days after and I was really panicking – I hardly slept for two nights trying to frantically retrieve my work off my laptop and I missed a run and a strength training session.

I then ended the academic term where I was based on campus so I had to change gyms.  I joined a shiny gym in town and on my first (and only) day I waltzed in enthusiastically with my programme clutched in the palm of my hand.  I entered the weights section looked aimlessly around for 10 minutes, completely panicked as all the men looked at me like I was lost.   I ran away to the changing rooms to try and map in my head where the equipment I needed was. I re-entered the gym, determined this time to get on with my workout, but felt so silly as the equipment all looked different that I just left!!  I went home with my head hung in shame!!

This week I had to shuffle my workouts around to try and compensate – I changed the middle ‘easy and short’ run into a longer steady run to try and make up the mileage and I did an extra strength training session (at home).  I was supposed to run 8km as my third run this week – but only did 5km as my back was hurting.  This blog is acting as ‘confession’ for me.

I will make up for the lost distance this week.Macintosh HD:Users:Admin:Desktop:10801832_10154913842020557_5034364504918002758_n.jpg</p><br />
<p>Macintosh HD:Users:Admin:Desktop:10801832_10154913842020557_5034364504918002758_n.jpg

In amongst all of this I had two exams and had to redo a tonne of work.  Then the Christmas parties came… and with that came terrible food, no sleep and anxiety about my MA and no energy to train.

All in all…I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the last fortnight and I can’t wait for January when it all settles down and I can go back to my usual training schedule and diet.  I’m such a bore!!! When did this happen?!

On the plus side, and yes there is a plus side, I dressed up as Santa with loads of other crazy people and ‘dashed’ 5km along the seafront on a freezing but beautiful winter morning.  And I got a festive themed medal and I love it.

Next week I will complete a 9km, a 7km and another 9kMacintosh HD:Users:Admin:Desktop:1475884_10154913843720557_5426059582973299526_n.jpg</p><br />
<p>Macintosh HD:Users:Admin:Desktop:1475884_10154913843720557_5426059582973299526_n.jpg to try and compensate for the lost workouts.

On another plus – I survived hills – I was nearly sick but I survived!!!  Short, choppy steps seemed to save me.  I had to try really hard to keep my form and not crumple in a slouchy heap whilst running but I managed it!  My love for hills and intervals is yet to emerge.

Oh, and I realised the must frustrating thing about a broken computer is that I couldn’t sync my garmin!

Next week is a nice calm week before I head home to Yorkshire to be with my family for Christmas where I will be running in the dales – pictures will follow my wonderful running friends, I promise.

Anyway – life would be boring without challenges, right?   I’m heading back to the scary gym tomorrow and this time I will workout and will not be wimpy and run away, wish me luck!


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