Daisy’s Half Marathon Training – It’s Race Week!

Almost there…

It’s end of week 13 and I feel like I’ve blinked and it’s nearly over.  The half marathon is THIS Sunday.  Am I ready?  NO!! Of course I’m not.  I’m absolutely terrified.

My training journey feels long and really short at the same time.  Fitting the runs and gym sessions around work and uni has been a big challenge and, to be honest, I’ve struggled.  Other aspects that were hard include training over the Christmas festivities with the parties and the indulgence.

The toughest part has definitely been nutrition and food in general.  I have struggled with eating too little, too much and the wrong things.  I have gained half a stone throughout training and I’d love to say it’s muscle but I know it’s not as I’ve eaten like a total pig and my bum is massive.   Nobody warned me that half marathon training means you are constantly hungry.  I am looking forward to losing the weight in March!

The great bits have to be simply feeling stronger and accomplishing distances I previously only ever dreamt of doing.  I have been a spectator at half marathons and I’ve always looked on in awe, jealousy and great admiration.  I have been close to tears many times just watching, as the show of human endurance and strength are so clear to see.  Each incredible person with his or her own motivation and reasons for taking on the challenge, whether it’s their 1st or 52nd.  This year I will be joining them.  I think it’s safe to say I will cry if I make it across the finish line.

My greatest fear is that I will become injured and the hips will give up and the searing IT Band pain will return meaning I will have to stop – it simply is not a pain I can run through.   This scares me because it is very possible.  I can only hope that the strength and conditioning has paid off.

So, taper time has arrived and it feels really weird to back away from training.  I want to plough on but I won’t.  I must rest.  I will continue to stretch and try and keep my hips open and flexible whilst eating carefully planned protein, carbs and remaining hydrated.

I am looking forward to running after the half is over and just enjoying it rather than thinking about pace and distance all the time – but knowing myself, I will still try and beat my pace and increase my distance.

I’m worried that without a structure I will stop running or have no idea how to proceed!!!  I’m terrified of going to the gym without a structured plan and just wandering around like a lost lamb.  The worst thing is not having the knowledge of how to push myself to the next level and losing all the hard work I’ve put in.

But to focus on closer issues, terrifyingly close…the Brighton Half Marathon.  On Sunday.  This Sunday.  In the rain.

I hope the crowds and the event itself don’t overwhelm me.   I hope I can sleep the night before.

During the race I have five rules…

  1. Don’t start out too fast
  2. Do walk if I need to
  3. Try and smile and enjoy it
  4. Forget about time
  5. Eat a flapjack the size of my head when I’m done (after I’ve finished vomiting)

If anyone wants to meet me at the finish line with the above (the flapjack not the vomit) I’ll promise to love you in between big fat sobs.

I’ll see you on the other side (with a MASSIVE MEDAL!!)


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