Daisy’s half marathon training – Half way already!

Half way point!!!  I have officially reached halfway through my half marathon training.  I’m going to appropriately name this ‘wobbly week seven’.

I have been tested this week and nearly (very nearly) resigned myself that I was not going to carry on due to injury.  But I received a very timely pep talk from the guys at Honest Fitness who showed me the belief and support that I needed.  I’d argue that the psychological battle of marathon training is at least 70% of the battle.

Having been struck down with ITB pain last week and ongoing hip-flexor pain (in every run) the doubts crept in.  But I adjusted my approach.  I am now approaching the training as ‘training with an injury’.   This means I need to ignore time and instead establish a strategy that enables me to continue the distance no matter how long it takes.  In order to do this I have started scheduling pre-planned walk breaks into distance runs.  For example, on Sunday I ran a 10km that ended up being an 11.5km run.  I managed this without ITB pain, hip-flexor pain was still present but I can run through this.  I had pre-planned walk breaks of 0.2 miles at mile 2 and mile 4.25.  The strategy behind this was to beat physical fatigue and ensure my running form didn’t drop.  It worked!!  And I managed the unattainable 10km!! Now… I walked, twice, but I’ll take it anyway!! My 10km time was 58.29 including walk breaks.  Sub 60 – I’m ok with that.

The next half of my training plan is going to incorporate strategically placed walk breaks to see if it will enable me to increase the distance without being crippled with pain.  I’m feeling hopeful and comparing this feeling with last week it’s a good start!

The strength training is fun this week and last.  It’s a new plan and is all orientated around the TRX.  I now spend my days looking like a hippo doing acrobatics dangling from ropes attached to the ceiling.  But I love it!  I enjoy all the exercises apart from the atomic push up, which quite honestly is ridiculously hard!  It’s like a combo move of a reverse abdominal crunch followed by a press up all whilst being suspended in mid air with you feet tied in stirrups.  The YouTube video has the guy doing a seamless transition from one to the other with no break.  I cheat; I drop to my knees in between the two moves to start my press up.  My target… to get as smooth as the YouTube guy.  We’ll see…

I’m looking forward to the next seven weeks.  It would be dishonest to say I’m not nervous, especially about injury and pain.  But I can only do what I can do and if I stick to my plan(s) and train really hard Daisy half way 1I can be proud whatever the outcome.

Plus, on a really great note, my boyfriend has continued running with me regularly.  The photo shows him in his brand new matching Nike, red and black theme, running clothes.  Now can someone else tell him to drop the sunglasses… he won’t listen to me?  It does NOT ‘complete the look’.   I am super proud of him though,Daisy half way 2 there’s a runner in there after all.

Happy New Year everyone, I almost forgot to say!  In true New Year style Matt and I spent all day New Year’s Day entering events across 2015.  I have 4 races to look forward to in addition to the half and 2 distance cycling events spread out over the year.  So that’s 2015 sorted, here’s to an active one!!


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