Daisy’s Half Marathon Training – Daisy hits a rhythm

The last two weeks have been great.  The weather has been cold but sunny and I’ve managed to miss all the rain, almost.

I started week 8 with a sunset run with my running buddy, Sarah, along Brighton and Hove seafront.   We completed 5km in a decent time but it was more about chatting and enjoying the view than getting a PB.   It was one of those runs where you still can’t quite believe you live in such a beautiful place even 10 years down the line.

Next run marked a first for me… The Dreadmill 8km.   I pounded out 8km as per my plan (it was REALLY raining outside) and sweated more than ever before, went bright red and thought it lasted for eternity.  The actual time was fine but the constant shrieking of Jeremy Kyle on the gym TV was almost too much for me to bear.

At the weekend I completed a 7.5 miler with my lovely boyfriend.  We ran to Southwick and back and the sunset was, again, stunning.  I was really tired though and I could feel the will to stop creeping in.  I didn’t stop – I carried on but it was not my favourite to date.  You know when it just isn’t one to feel good about – but it’s all miles in the leg bank.

The gym in both weeks has been fantastic – my side plank is becoming much more stable and I hate lunges a little bit less.  I will never master the hip hinge with the kettle bell but I may die trying.

Week 9 started with 5km of Kenyan Hills with my Club.  It was raining and cold.  I ate before running, which I never do but I’m not used to running at 7.30pm at night.  I felt like I had a brick in my stomach for the whole session.   I was dragging myself and my brick baby up and down hills at a continuous pace for 6 minutes repeated four times, with a flat 2 min jog in between.  It was not about time but instead it was all about survival.  My brick baby and I completed it but without a smile.

I completed a treadmill PB next reducing my 5km best time to 23:22.  I’m ok with that but not sure it really counts, as it wasn’t outside!

My long and final run in week 9 was a slow steady 9 miler.  The intention of this run was to practice the half marathon course. I started from home to Hove Lagoon, along to Roedean School and back to the Palace Pier (ish).  Practicing part of the actual course gave me great confidence and the views were simply gorgeous but not as great as the downhill after climbing up to Saltdean.

As for injury – it’s going well since adopting a walk when required approach.  I haven’t actually walked very much but on both long runs I have pre-planned a 30 second walk break half way.  I actually walk about 20 seconds.  This is to reduce my hip flexor pain and aim to beat fatigue, maintain better form and reduce the likelihood of IT pain.  So far so good, just knowing it’s ok to walk has changed my mindset with which I approach my runs.

On to week 10 now… It’s getting terrifyingly close.


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