Mark is our strength and conditioning specialist. he’s beenBez working in the fitness industry for over 10 years and haspicked up many qualifications and experiences along the way. Mark has a degree in Health and Fitness Management, an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning coach (CSCC).

Mark has worked with a variety of sports teams: from Brighton and Hove Albion youth team to American football, ultimate frisbee and rugby teams. He also works with individuals who compete nationally and internationally (Karate, Ultimate Frisbee, football, netball to name just a few) as well as those who train just for fun and for very specific sports, like long jump, ice climbing and skiing and has even trained an aspiring fitness model (don’t tell his girlfriend!).

Mark likes to train people with a smile on his face and believes that it should be fun and adapted to your needs – start small and continue to improve as opposed to jumping straight in and leaving nowhere to go. He believes in one step at a time. His mantra is “let’s get that one thing right before adding something else”, whether it’s new exercise or looking at nutrition. Mark also attempts to educate those he trains to make decisions for themselves – taking in all the information in and encouraging them to draw up their own plans and take control of their own training. He teaches a range of classes, from spin to circuits, and is notorious for the cheerful way he pushes people to reach their potential. He’s known for his awful dance remixes of chart songs.

Mark will give all mainstream sports a go, but his main sport growing up was football. Since retiring(!) from football, he’s kept fit through lifting weights, cycling everywhere and frequently taking part in parkrun. Mark has run a marathon, a half-marathon, and is about to dive headfirst into the world of triathlon in the summer, kicking things off gently with a half iron-man distance race. He’ll try anything once, and spends a lot of time being coerced into doing events by his running-mad girlfriend. Mark believes that he should, sometimes, experience what he puts his athletes and clients through, within reason!

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