Kev is a personal trainer who specialises in helping people to set goals; especiallyofficial NYC kev2 goals that go beyond what people think they can achieve.

Kev has a biology degree and wrote his dissertation on the effects of the glycaemic index in endurance performance (basically, he fed people different sugars and then made them run 5k as fast as they could!). Since then, Kev has worked in education and has most enjoyed encouraging young people to go beyond their perceived limits to achieve what they thought was impossible – whether this be in education, sports performance or life in general.

Kev Jurassic runningKev grew up loving sport, but gave up for 3 years aged between 16 and 19. After hitting ‘porky’, he decided to do something about it and after his dad’s death, he found running. It was a great pressure release. That was in 2003 and since then, Kev has run multiple marathons and undertaken some ridiculous challenges. In 2011 Kev completed 52 sub 4-hour marathons and in 2012 he led a group of ‘normal people’ in a run from Paris to London. Marathons are a huge physical challenge, but beyond that, Kev believes they are made easier by mental preparation and fully understanding what is required from the run. The only reason a marathon is SO hard, says Kev, is because people say it is. Encourage people to be more confident and fully prepared both physically and mentally, and that marathon will become easier. Kev is currently targeting a sub 3 hour marathon and aims to work with more clients who have a marathon target (whether it is simply finishing, or a ertain time).

Kev also enjoys spending some time in the gym,kev endure24 2 although he also believes that most gym work can be done elsewhere – usually in much better settings. He’s keen on offering alternative exercises to just throwing weights around, and getting people thinking about how they can maximise whatever they have around them, rather than focusing on what exercises they can’t do because they don’t have the right equipment.

In addition to the whole sport thing, Kev’s a keen mental health campaigner who wants to challenge the stigmas attacked to mental health conditions in general and suicide in particular. He has two dogs (Cavendish and Radcliffe) with his wife Amy, and a baby on the way. Busy times – just how life needs to be.

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