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Meet the team

About Kev

Kev's the editor and founder of the website. He's usually got grand ideas and no clue about how to go about them. He's a marathon keeno, a mental health campaigner and qualified personal trainer.


Phil's our design and technical guru who is responsible for all of our artwork. He's also a keen Green Army runner with the Trentham Running Club. You'll usually find him running in fancy dress or canoeing the entire length of the River Trent. No, seriously!

Chief writer

Mark's our master PT. What he doesn't know about strength and conditioning isn't worth knowing. He's a reluctant runner and can be bullied into taking part in triathlons. He also thinks fishing is a real sport!

Honest Fitness recommends

We never recommend anything we don’t believe in and would never take money to endorse products and services. That’s why we’ll only recommend companies where we have direct experience of great service and quality.
An award winning and charitable multidisciplinary healthcare practice based in Hove.
Leatherhead's award winning healthcare centre that has community at its heart.

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